Silvia Saccinto MakeUp



                                                                                                                           From 2000 to 2011:

-advertising agency travel


- Make up artist for  Giacomo Favilla Photographer: (

-Personal Make Up artist and Hair Styling for a Model and Actress :Chiara Pavoni (

 -Make up and assistant for a Fashion Show by Body shop in collaboration with LCF  (

  -Make Up and Hair for a Fashion Film  with IDOL Magazine:( )

   -Make Up and Hair for a Fashion Garments Maze Couture:( )

  -Make Up for the Fashion show at TATE BRITAIN in collaboration with Tessa Read

-Make Up for the Fashion show at London College of Fashion for Pin Sharp exhibition in collaboration with Jacqueline Chambers

   -Make Up and Hair for the Pin Up Studio London

 -Make Up for Zafaa Awards London:

Make Up for an advertisements with
the  model Rafiq Richard

-Make Up for the new Issue Magazine with the model Sabine Gruchet Flawless Woman Magazine

-Make Up collaboration with “The Good Fashion Show”
SHOW LIVE 2011 2-7 December, NEC Birmingham

-Make Up and Hair for a shoot of ethical evening wear with “StyleWith Heart”

-Make Up and Hair for Eclipse Model Management Website

From 2011 to 2013

-Make Up and Hair for the Unitedsix London Fashion | Photography | Networking

-Make Up for "Ballad of Magazine"project by Laura Powell

-Hair Styling for the Bridal Magazine project by Melanie K.Tong BAFashion Comunication " by Devour Magazine

-Make Up for the Ausadari Performance "Asudari A/W 12/13 show"by Amaya Ducru Clouthier producer

-London Fashion Week 2012 performance in Covent Garden London

-Make Up for the "Good Fashion Show"London House 18/02/2012 London Fashion Week 2012

-Make Up for a photoshoot with  the Stylist
Karen Musgrave from GQ and Elle Magazine             
-Make Up and Hair for the photographer Antonia Pena

-Make Up and Hair for the new collection of MAXC London

-Make Up for the Submission Magazine DEMUR

-Make Up for the LookBook 2012 of Libby London

-Make Up for the Magazine/Website Elle Uk

-Make Up and Hair for the Sm couture LTD Bridal Shop,Wimbledon Village Photography by : Rohan Clinnick

-Make Up for Fart Magazine / We&You Magazine and Eluxe Magazine

- Make Up and Hair for the "Chozen Worse Fear " Cd in collaboration with the creative designer : Carl Dennie

-Make Up for the Designer Amanda Harrison Central St Martins (Not Just a Label)( Unfolded Magazine Issue 16 2014

-Make Up and Hair for the Editorial Magazine Fabric A

-Make Up for Alternative Fashion model for Miss Ink Magazine Issue November 2013 and Tat2 Magazine November Issue 2013

-Make Up for The Editorial Magazine OffTheHook ,Kultur and Unfolded Magazine

-Make Up and Hair for the streap Model and Actress Samantha Bentley  for Fiesta Magazine(Adult Magazine)

-Make Up and Hair for deFUZE magazine

-Hair and Make Up for Bizarre magazine (January 2014-MAy 2014 Issue)

-Make up for the Stylist Martina Bohn

-Make Up and Hair for the TV PRESENTER/ STYLE EXPERT Alka Official in collaboration with Superstar magazine

From 2013 to 2014:

-make up and hair for Sicky magazine LFW 2014

-Make up and Hair for Sabine Gruchet and In front of the camera Workshop (Plus Size Model)

-MAke Up and Hair for Candid Magazine February Issue 2014

-Make Up and Hair for The future heirlooms boutique lookbook 2014

-Make Up and Hair for Luva Huva Collection 2014

-Make Up for British Mode Magazine 2014

-Make Up assistant for the talented Lan Make Up Artist Graduate Fashion week 2014 London

-Make Up for Bizarre June Issue 2014

-Make Up Artist For July and August Bizarre Issue 2014

-Make Up Artist for Raw Artists Fashion show

-YELP Event London 2014

-Interview Urbanity chic summer 2014

-HUF magazine 2014

-Noctis Magazine 

-People Aussie Magazine

-Chasseur online magazine

-Weekend Sport Uk Newspaper 2014

From 2014 to 2015: London

-Malevolent Magazine Cover 2015


From 2007 to 2008:

-Make up and hair assistant on the Phantom of the Opera show in Majesty Theatre

From 2009 to 2010:

                  -Make up and assistant for the Ballet Ruse with the Nationl Ballet London in collaboration with London College of Fashion

                                                          -Make up and assistant for a charity show at the Lost Theatre London

From 2010 to 2011:

                                                                        -Make Up and Hair styling assistant for the Opera in London

-Make Up and Hair styling for the Architectural Association London in collaboration with the

Rambert Dance Company and Wayne McGregor with Amaya Ducru Clouthier production


From 2008 to 2009:


                                                                             -Rome(film:Per un Pugno di... Director:Simone Pizzi)

From 2010 to 2011:

                                                                                -Make Up and Hair styling for the Film “Young Europe”

(Rome,Paris,Dublin)Director:Matteo Vicino

                                                                               -Make Up assistant for the Beethoven Burst Music video
                                                                                               Kali Arc Production,in collaboration with the

make up artist Sarah Frasca

-Make Up and Hair for the short movie with Hamilton swatch company in Milan

(From Milan Film school academy )Director:Evelina de Gaudenzi

--Make Up and hair for the video catwalk of Antoinette Saxer “The Good Fashion Show”London Fashion week 2012

From 2011 to 2012

-Make Up and Hair for the short film by Asudari clothing designer London Fashion week 2012

-Make Up and Hair for an info-mercial for a new company called FlatNav sponsorized by Lara Sol

-Make Up and Hair assistent for the Film "Spidarlings" London(2012) IMDB , in collaboration with the make up artist Giselle Fryatt

-Make Up Fx for the short movie project "The Holdouts"in collaboration with the Actor,Stuntman,Armourer: Ezra Bristow 

-Make Up and FX for the Music Video by Beth Cannon "Written in Waters"
Director: Dino Kazamia

-Make Up for the Short Film "The Perfect Human"director:Tony Auguste Cannes 2014

From 2012 to 2013

-Make Up and Hair for the Film Interview “Jack Bankers “ with Rehana Browne,director Bobby Johnson and actresse Claudia Coulter

-Make up and hair for Film photoshoot Roses and rattle snakes
with the director :Colin Simpson Actresses:Sabine crosses,Cyd casados Actor:David Alwyn

-Hair and Make Up for Chromatone Music Video Director:Philipp Cerny for MTV German

-Make Up for the Tokyo Taboo Band Music Video

-Make Up assistant for the make up artist Dominique Heslop shooting short film LOTUS in collaboration with the producer Helen Bolter

-Make Up and Hair for the Documentary "Hope:Derailed"in collaboration with Tres Stamos Production LA

-Make Up and hair for a new Uk Tv Show :"The British Dark"in collaboration with Steven Aldridge

From 2013 to 2014

-Make Up and Hair for the film project"Arz Project" in collaboration with Rachel Saunders



Model Advice Service


14/09/2002 to 16/07/2007

High school :Foreign Languages

J.J Rousseau
via delle sette chiese
Rome,italy 00100

20/09/2007 to 15/06/2008

EF English College:English languages

Ef Oxford
Pullens Lane

Oxford GB,OX3 0DT

24/09/2008 to 14/06/2009
Cavendish College:Media Make up and special Effects

Cavendish College

Alfred Place
London GB,WC1E 7DP

27/09/2009 to 20/07/2011
London College of Fashion:Fashion Make up


Lime Grove

London GB,W12 8ER


-High school : General:English Languages,mathematics,foreign languages(Spanish)
Physical education and sports,italian grammar

-Ef English College:English Grammar

-Cavendish College:Media Make up:Evening make up,Wedding Make up,Theatrical Make up,Everyday Make up,Party Make up,Gothic Make up,Crazy Make up,Visual studies,Hair styiling and Fashion history
Special Effects for cinema and theatre
London college of Fashion:Fashion make up,editorial Make up,Glamour Make up,Fashion Magazine,Hair styling,Fahion history (the body and performance),Editorial Projects



©2015 Silvia Saccinto

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